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The British Mexican Society offers a prize of £500 for the best Ph.D. thesis produced at any British University on a topic related to Mexico.


The prize is open to students of any nationality and in any academic discipline providing they have finished their Ph.D. studies in a UK university.

The thesis must be directly related to Mexico and make a substantial contribution to the topic studied.


A single prize will normally be awarded, but the Society reserves the right to withhold the prize if, for any reason, it considers that there are no suitable entries. It also reserves the right to split the prize if there are two candidates of comparable merit.

How to apply

Full details of how to apply for this prize will be announced on this website each time the prize competition is held.

Past winners

Past winners of the prize have included:

Dr Agapi Filini 2007

Dr Osvaldo Santin 2002

Dr. Jean Starr 2000

Dr Edith Jimenez Huerta 1998

Dr José Esteban Castro 1997

Dr Eleanor Wake 1996

Dr. Elizabeth Baquedano 1990

Dr. Fernando Cervantes 1990

Dr Ann Varley 1985

Would you like to sponsor the award?

The Society would like to be able to award this prize annually but currently has no sponsorship to enable it to do so.

Any individual or business who would be interested in sponsoring this worthy cause should contact the Society’s chairman for further information.