Ditch the Guacamole and try Avocado Ice Cream!

avocado, ice cream

Here’s a great idea from the Blog 52 site.

The next time your avocados ripen all in one go threatening to cross the threshold to the netherworld before you have a chance to eat them all, don’t make guacamole. Grab some whole milk from the fridge and make ice cream instead. You might be thinking: Avocado ice cream? Your usual choices are firmly in the chocolate-vanilla-strawberry canon. Yes, Fany Gerson, the woman behind the ice cream and paleta shop La Newyorkina, would say. “It has some savory notes, but it’s not a savory ice cream.” Super-ripe Hass avocados (plus a little sugar—only half a cup) give it a gentle sweetness, and lime and salt make the avocado flavor sing while they all play together in a rich, dairy-fueled milk base.

Avocado Ice Cream

The recipe’s got only 5 ingredients, none of which are cream. Instead, it relies only on whole milk and avocados’ natural creaminess to get its dreamy texture.

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