Improving Children’s Lives Through Sport

Juega y Aprende Mexico A.C. (Asociación Civil – non-profit) is a basketball charity working with a number of associates to improve life through sports. It was founded in 2014 by Mario Aaron Guzman Lamas, who had previously managed the New Life Mexico Chidongongo basketball programme in Puerto Vallarta.

What a great playground!

Juega y Aprende promotes the child welfare through sports and recreational programmes by providing free basketball lessons five days a week to young people aged from 7-17 from deprived families. Juega y Aprende also helps young people obtain scholarships to study sports-related courses at university.

The majority of the children who participate in the programme are alone at home in the afternoons while their parents work in hotels and other tourist jobs. This leaves them vulnerable to gangs and other temptations of street life.  A psychologist works with them to build confidence and integrate them. They also learn about teamwork, trust, values and ethics, and build lasting friendships.


In addition to daily training, Juega y Aprende provides opportunities for league matches, tournaments, summer camp and festivals. Among others, the senior girls’ team transferred from Chidongongo to Juega y Aprende and are currently winning many local and state tournaments.

Winning Girls…

The £2,500.00 donation from the BMS will cover the cost of a trainer three days a week over the course of a 10-month programme and will allow many children who could not attend if there was a fee to participate. In addition, the BMS donation will fund trainer uniforms and the club shirts needed for tournaments. 

….and Boys

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