Amistad Británico-Mexicana


Amistad was formed immediately following the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. It now provides support to schools and healthcare institutions, especially following damage caused by any form of natural disaster.

BMS Donations

Recently, the British Mexican Society collaborated with THE BRITISH SOCIETY (in Mexico) to purchase and install two goals for the football pitch being constructed by Amistad at the secondary school in Real de Monte. Amistad had already received donations from HRH The Prince of Wales and from HSBC to build the football pitch, but were short of funds to cover the cost of the two goals. Amistad will also purchase maintenance equipment and intends to enlist the support of the Parents Association to take care of the facility. The main objective of building the football pitch is the health and education of the 706 pupils and it is based on the ideals of The Sports Creative foundation.

Amistad says: “We anticipate that the football pitch will also benefit the whole community of Real del Monte, which is where football was first introduced to Mexico by British miners.”

Previously, in 2017, the BMS donated £3,000 with which Amistad purchased six electric carpentry tools for woodwork classes at the Secondary Technical School No. 5 in Acapulco. As a result, reports Amistad´s president Colin Stabler, 250 boys and girls aged 12 to 15 are taking carpentry classes and have now been using the tools for about a year. On a recent visit Colin was shown examples of the products they make and take home to proud parents and relatives.

Several boys and girls also demonstrated how to use the equipment safely and expertly: note the goggles and ear protection!

In a speech thanking the British Mexican Society and Amistad, the headmaster, Isidro Zuñiga, pointed out that after leaving school, those pupils will have a certificate showing the number of hours they have spent learning carpentry skills, which will increase their chance of getting an apprenticeship and earning wages and benefit their family and the wider community. There is plenty of work in Acapulco for carpenters, both in new buildings and in old buildings in need of repair.

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