New Lifeline

British Mexican Society has supported three major projects for the New Lifeline charity (formerly known as New Life Mexico).

Water House – Clean Drinking Water Project

In the UK, we take for granted the fact that clean water is available for pupils to drink in all our schools, but in some parts of Mexico this is not the case.

In 2010 New Life Mexico started a programme to put a ‘water house’ in each of the 130 schools (Primary, Secondary and High schools) in Puerto Vallarta. New Life Mexico partnered with foundations to build each one and to provide monthly maintenance of clean filters and UV lamps. Each water house can provide approximately 1,168,000 cups of clean drinking water a year.

The British Mexican Society sponsored the building of a water house at Primary School Niños Héroes, Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta where over 640 children and teachers benefited from clean drinking water on the premises for the first time.

By 2015 New Life Mexico had provided clean drinking water to 36 schools and at that time the State Government Water Department, Seapal Vallarta, was inspired to take over and complete this important programme. Now, in 2017 there is a water house in every pre-school, primary, secondary, high school and university in the City of Puerto Vallarta.

It was only with the support of donors such as the members of the British Mexican Society, who supported the programme in its infancy, that every child in the city now has clean drinking water at school.


Sports in Schools  

We all understand the vital role that sport plays in the lives of young people.  Whether sport is taken up for health and fitness, with dreams of becoming a professional or just for the pure enjoyment of playing in a team and having fun, playing sport has often been a catalyst for change and improvement in young people’s lives.

New LifeLine found that many of the sports facilities in Puerto Vallarta’s schools was under par, so used the donations from the members of the British Mexican Society to sponsor the refurbishment of the basketball courts and the provision of a range of sports equipment in seven schools.

As you can see from the photo, there are a lot of very happy children now playing sport in Puerto Vallarta.


Learning Spanish and English

The British Mexican Society has sponsored the creation of English & Spanish Workbooks in the “My First 500 Words” series produced by New Lifeline.   

These very engaging books can be downloaded, at no charge, to all educators who wish to use them including volunteers, gap year students, school teachers and parents.

Spanish Language

These teaching tools are designed for children in Latin America whose first language is indigenous and who therefore need to learn Spanish as a second language.

English Language

These workbooks are to help both children and adults learn their first 500 words in English. For many families in and around Puerto Vallarta and in many other parts of Mexico, tourism is a major source of employment, so learning English can have a big impact on people’s ability to get a job.

These books can be downloaded directly from the New Lifeline website on the resources page