The British Mexican Society or BMS (Charity no. 276830) celebrates all aspects of Mexican culture, including its unique history and archaeology, its food & drink, its music and folkloric traditions and its ancient and modern arts & literature – in fact any cultural contribution that Mexico and its people make to the world, past and present.

Importantly, we also make it our mission to make a difference to the people of Mexico, by raising funds for small charities that are under the radar of bigger fundraising groups. Our fundraising events and members’ contributions improve many people’s lives, both young and old, and create a real and vital connection between the BMS and Mexico.  Read more about the charities we help here.


All nationalities are welcome to join the BMS and it’s easy to become a member here.

As a BMS member you’ll be warmly welcomed into a group of people passionate about all things Mexican. Many of our members have lived and worked in Mexico for many years; run charities in Mexico; are Mexican nationals or have Mexican family members or just simply enjoy learning about or travelling to one of the most fascinating places in the world.  

You may already know that Mexicans are some of the most sociable people in the world, who love life and sharing good food and drinks –  so at the BMS we enjoy getting people together at events from informal get togethers to more formal events or dinners.

Even if you have never managed to get to Mexico, but have always been fascinated by this vibrant country of contrasts, the BMS is a great place to start learning more and making contacts who will be pleased to share their experiences and ideas.

Join us now! Take part, contribute, learn and enjoy everything the British Mexican Society has to offer.